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I am Bennett Borgfjord, a grade 7 student. I’m pretty into dirtbiking, basketball and hockey. I’m not that scared for grade 8 because I have already been in Mr. Ewert’s class for a year so I know how grade 8 will be like.

Some challenges I faced were that I had to start trying a lot more than I didn’t in grade 6. I was also a lot nervous to be in grade 7 because people said the teachers in grade 7/8 were scary but they really weren’t and I was just nervous of being in grade 7/8. I overcame the second reason by juts getting used to thee class and my best friend was in grade 8 so I was less worried.

Next year I don’t really think there will be any big challenges but the work being a tiny bit harder but the always happens the next year. But next year I hope I can have better grades than this year and I’ll try to work /try harder.

Right from start of grade 7 to the end I think I learned so much from Mr. E like he taught me a lot. Mr. E also told me that once you lose someone’s trust its hard to get it back.

Hopefully for next year we will be more back to normal and I’m hoping that I’ll still be with Mr. E.



paul and bob

Paul and Bobs Story

Paul and Bob were kids that only play video games and eat. They never really cared about anything or did anything fun.One day something happened.

One day Paul and Bob were playing games on their TV and  then the TV turned to a warning channel and told them that there was a mysterious guy that goes by the name Shadow Man. No one knows what he can do but they know that he can teleport and transform as other people. At first Paul and Bob did not care at all because they thought it was fake and thought it was just a guy trying to scare people.

A couple days later they were told that non-believers will be targets. Paul and Bob still didn’t believe until one day. That one day, they were sleeping and the bedroom door moved. Paul thought he was just seeing things so he went back to sleep. The next day Paul and Bob went for a walk in the morning to get food but the streets weren’t as busy as they usually are. They still went on with their walk and got the food but when they got home they turned the TV on. The TV turned right to the news channel and it said “for some suspicious reason there were no cars on the street today”.

Paul and Bob were kind of tempted, but not really scared so they played their Xbox. Paul decided to go to bed after hours of playing, but Bob wanted to stay up. When Bob was playing he got this feeling in his gut that gave him shivers down his spine, so he put a blanket over his head. He started to get tired so he switched to YouTube but when doing that he saw someone in the reliction of the TV. He knew it wasn’t Paul because this guy was massive and he locked the house so he thought of Shadow Man because he can teleport. He then got really scared and called Paul under the blanket to see if he would pick up. Thankfully Paul picked up an asked what’s wrong, Bob said there’s

someone in our house!!!! Paul then tip toed to the living room and saw the guy but before doing anything he teleported.

Paul then called the 911 and the police showed up and started asking questions but they never found that guy. Paul and Bob were now scared for life and stayed locked up in their house and barely came out.

hunter call of the wild

Details of Hunter Call of the Wild


Hunter Call of the Wild is a hunting game that you can play with other people and it teaches you a lot about hunting.

There are a lot of different maps in the game. There are eight maps, and they are all very fun and detailed. The maps are called Lyton Lake, Herstonfield, Parque Fernando, Silver Ridge Peaks, Savanna, Mevied Tiga, Cultro Colinas and Yukon. Layton Lake and Herston field are free but the rest are $8.99. Parque is more like a jungle habitat, Yukon and Mevied Tiga are snowy habitats. Herstonfield, Cultro Colinas, Silver Ridge are a habitat with fields and mountains, Savanna is like the plains and Layton Lake is just like Manitoba.

There is this thing called “diamonds” which means the rarity of an animal.  Diamond is the best, then gold, silver, bronze and then none. There is this thing called trophy rating which means how big the animal is. If the animal you shoot has a bigger or same amount of trophy rating to be diamond, it would be diamond. You also can’t shoot it more than two times so you need to shoot it in its vital organs, use right ammo, and don’t shoot it in the skull for the animal to be diamond.

Some of the guns in the game are like guns today because the

game is not fake or unrealistic. There is a 30.06, 7mm, 12 gauge, 243

and many more. The 243 is actually the gun I use when I hunt deer.

There is also a thing called “animal” class which is a thing that tells you what ammo to use. To check that, you look in your inventory. To check it on an animal you have to spot it and it will be in the top corner.

I think if you are into hunting this is a game that you will like

because it’s really fun, very realistic, and almost like real life.




Why warzone is better than cold war WW6

Why Warzone is better than Cold War.

Warzone is a free to play game that is one of the highest played games in the world. Warzone was made on March 10, 2020 and published by Activision and is part of the Call of Duty series.

The reason so many people choose warzone over Cold War is because Cold War gets boring after a while. Everybody either gets Cold War for 80 bucks or 60 when it goes on sale and Warzone is free. The thing is about Cold War is that people play it to rank up their guns for warzone or get it and realize its boring because they don’t add any new game modes to the game. Cold War is also a Black ops game so that means it part of that series. So in my opinion it was just a copy up of every black ops ranging 1-4. The thing about Warzone is that there is no thing close to Warzone in Call of Duty history so its something different to try. The reason is because wit is a battle royale. Warzone also comes out with different game modes like King Slayer, Plunder, Rebirth and more!!!!

King Slayer you have to get to 100 kills before everyone with you team. Plunder is that you have to get 1 million in cash before everyone They are both good game modes to rank up your guns.

Verdansk is the real map that has been around since Warzone came out. And Rebirth came out a couple months ago and I think its something that has made warzone a lot more fun. The game modes are all so different that you cant get bored.

`Then there’s Cold War that just has multiplayer, Zombies and campaign. Once again it’s the same as every black ops. The multiplayer just has the exact same modes since it came out so you cant try anything new out.

I hope all the reasons I listed could tell you why Warzone is better than Cold War

My favorite Tom Clancy Rainbow Six siege operators.

In siege you can pick from a lot of operators, for when you attack and when you defend. There is good and bad ops. Some of the ops you get for free but you can get ops for 1000, 10000, 15000, 20000, and 25000 credits. The way you get credits is by playing any type of matches. If you win you get around 300 credits and if you lose you get like 150 credits. But I will be talking about attacker today.

Nomad. Nomad is one of my favorite attackers because her guns do 44 and 47 damage for her primary’s. Her secondary’s are 2 pistols that are kind of good. Her gadgets are breach charge and stun granades. See also has a gun that make the enemy fall to the ground for a bit. I like using the gun that does 47 damage and has faster mobility but it has a 20 mag. But she is 20000 credits.

Ash. Ash has been a great op since the start of siege. Her 2 primary’s are RC-4 and another rifle. She has 2 pistols that are pretty good. She has 2 gadgets that are breach charges and smoke granade. She also has her special that is a gun that shoots things that blow up walls and can kill enemies. I like using the RC-4, because it does damage and shoots fast. The mag is also good. Ash is also only 1000 credits.

I could not find a pic because it didn’t let me.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege on Steam


The best guns in warzone from each category in my opinion.

AR category. My favorite AR is the M4A1(m4). The thing about this gun is that is has good range and damage. It has some recoil but it is easy to control. It also comes with red lasers if you buy it.

SMG category. My favorite SMG is the LC10. The LC10 does very good damage, has no recoil. It almost like a close range AR because it has good range.

Sniper category. My favorite sniper is the kar98 it has a great ADS(aim in time). The ADS is so good you can go for quickscopes and you always get a shot off before other people do. It has good damage and range.

I’m going to have a part 2.

My top Dirtbike crashes 1-3.

I have had 3 Dirtbike crashes and I’m going to list them from what it hurted out of 10.

My first crash hurt the most. I was driving on this trail with talon and ryder and it had this quad runts made into the ground and I was leading. When we got to the runts I was going 3rd gear full gas and and my bike went front wheel going side to side and crashed. I laid on the ground for like 2 or 3 minutes but then got up. I got up and was fine I just had a giant bruise on my leg and a big skin lose. So I rate this a 7/10 because it didn’t make me cry.

My second crash I was driving not that fast and hit a rock with my front wheel I hit my handle bars on my private area. I didn’t cry I just laid down for like a couple minutes and got back up. Thankfully I had talon because my chain fell off. I rate this a 6.5/10 because I hit my privite.

My third crash I my going on a gravel road and went down into this ditch and there was a little runt and I was going pretty fast too. Then my front wheel swerved side to side and wiped out. My bike fell on me and I was going fast but it just didn’t hurt. From my friends perspective he said it looked like it hurt but it really didn’t. I would rate this a 4/10 because it didn’t really hurt but it looked bad.

Here is a picture of my dirtbike I crashed and by the way it was my dirtbike I crashed.


Why Ribirth is better then Verdansk.

There is 2 maps in Warzone which is Rebirth and Verdansk. Verdansk is the map that has been around since the start of warzone and Rebirth got added on December 16 2020. Verdansk has 150 people in solo/duos/trios/squads. Rebirth has only 40 players in duos, 45 players in trios and squads. There is no solos in Rebirth because when you die you can redeploy in like 30 seconds until rebirth disables. I will also be talking about duos, trios, and squads, no solo. And now I’m a talk why Rebirth is better than Verdansk.

On Rebirth you get to respawn in 30 seconds and in Verdansk you have to go to the Gulag and if you lose that you have to get bought back for 4 thousand$ which could be used for a loadout.

In Rebirth you can rush teams easy because its a smaller map and I’m super used to the the map and I know my way around better than Verdansk. In Verdansk every buddy hinds so it isn’t fun but in Rebirth everybody wants to fight.

In Rebirth loadouts are only 7500 when in Verdansk its 10000. So in Rebirth you can get a loadout fasters and get more kills. I have got a lot better from Rebirth to. I also average 8 kills in Rebirth with 45 people than getting 4 kills on Verdansk with 150 people.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s only map is a night version of Rebirth …

Here is a picture of the Verdansk map.

My favorite warzone loadouts

Loadouts are weapons drops in call of duty warzone which you get to choose 2 guns, your primary and secondary. I have 3 favorite loadouts but they are in no specific order. I will be talking about the best build for the gun because you can attach 5 attachments to your gun.

Kilo/cold war mp5. My build for the kilo is commando foregrip, 60 round mags, monolithic suppresser, singuard arms 19.8 prowler barrel and VLK 3.0 optic. The kilo is also a assault rifle. My build for the cold war mp5 is agency suppresser, swat 5mw laser, raider stock, field agent grip, standard 50 round drum. The mp5 is a smg.

FFar/M19. My build for the FFar is agency suppresser, raider stock, standard 50 round mag, feild agent grip, and 15.0 reinforced heavy barrel. My build for my M19 is monolithic suppresser, 5mw laser, 32 round mags, lightweight trigger, and akimbo. Akimbo means you can have 2 pistols instead of 1.

Kilo/LC10. My build for the kilo is commando foregrip, 60 round mags, monolithic suppresser, singuard arms 19.8 prowler barrel and VLK 3.0 optic. My build for the LC10 is standard 55 round mag, agency suppresser, 13.9 task force, field agent grip, raider stock.



Call of Duty®: Warzone – Activision


Ty’s blog

When Ty did his biggest fears and said that he is afraid of public speaking and kind of heights so I can relate.

Like I am surprised that people don’t get scared of public speaking because like talking to lots of people can really give me some fear for some reason maybe because I feel like I’ll do something wrong so Ty your not alone.

Some of my Greatest Fears